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Digital Menu and Catalogue 

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Now that the business competition is fierce, how can we minimize the cost, but having most advanced QR digital menu system and make it as your busienss website at the same time. Customers can easily search and find your restaurant now, know you better and order easily through powerful and beautiful Menu, saving your printing time and cost.

现在生意竞争激烈,如何才能最少的成本,但是同时拥有最先进的 QR 数码餐牌系统,同时又是一个网站,让更多的顾客可以轻易的搜寻发现您的餐厅,了解更多,更加容易点餐,功能强大漂亮的 EZ Menu 系统还能为你节省大量的印刷成本和等待时间。

Menu getting old, dirty, insufficient

How you manage your menu when got new item, price change, item remove? Printing new one or just cross and write on the menu? Menu become dirty and damage after some time? Short of menu, customer can only browe it one by one? Have you sanitize everytime after customer use to avoid hygine problem? EZ Menu will resolve it now for you.

当你有新的菜品加入,价格更新,菜品下架,您会如何处理?重新印刷?或者只是划过原本的餐牌?如果经过多天多人使用,餐牌变得残旧和肮脏,您会消毒吗?是否每一张餐桌都有足够的餐牌?这些问题 EZ Menu 都可以轻易为你解决。

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QR Easy Access
扫一下 QR 马上游览餐牌

Customer can easily access to your most updated menu by scanning the QR code from your website, your restaurant poster and dinning table top.

客户可以轻松的游览您最新最完整的餐牌,只需要扫一下 您的网站,您餐厅外墙的海报,或者在餐桌上的 QR 码。 

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Chef Recommended

You may update your Chef Recoomended Menu anytime anywhere without printing new Menu, wait for the new print copy shipping to you, everything just with few click on your phone with finger.

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Preference Filter

Customer want only seafood but no others? Want to know which dish is spicy? Now no more need to go through whole book of menu but just with filter select, everything become simple and fast.

顾客只喜好海鲜,和刺激辛辣的食物?现在顾客不再需询问盲忙碌的店员,只需要在喜好勾选他们的喜好,EZ Menu 就会自动列出适合他们的美食,快捷又方便。

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Attractive & Presentable

Having a lot of variety of foods? Now can display in more attractive by having nice photos, introduction, features of dish and more story to share to your customer for appriciation.


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Your Menu is Your Website Now

How your customer find you now the day? Same as you, when you visiting some new place, the first things you will do is trying to seach for restaurant nearby. You food menu is now your Website too, it appear on the google and etc. search engine result and allow your customer to find you now, and get more info about your restaurant such like location, pricing, business hours and more.

您的顾客如何才能找到你?和你到别的地方一样,选择使用Google 搜索来寻找附近的餐厅,现在您的餐牌也是你的网站了,您的网站也会出现在搜寻列表中,顾客可以在这里获得更多餐厅的讯息,比如食物类型,价格,地点,营业时间等等的。

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Dear Nara Cafe @ UCSI University

Allow customers and studen inside USCI University in Cheras to enjoy more delicious Patries, Cakes, Oden and Meal Box. Ofcause fine beverage with nice ambient inside building G Level 1 @ USCI University.

所有身处在 USCI 大学里面的学生以及顾客们,现在可以在 G 大楼的 Leve 1,找到各种烘培美食,以及在舒服休闲的地方,和同学好友们一起享用各种特色咖啡和饮料。

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皇来点心阁 @ Seremban

You may found out more than 200 plus dish in Huang Lai Dim Sum @ Seremban now from breakfast, lunch and dinner too. 

皇来点心阁里面您可以找到超过 200 多种美食,包括经典早餐,点心类,饭类,面类,粥类,独家配方黄酒系列,特色小炒,美味素食,还有各式饮料。

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